Small town values, global reach.

We are where we are TODAY by focusing on smart, principled, and fiscally responsible growth. BWF has – and always will – remain committed to a set of values that drives our business, our work ethic, and our partnerships.

These values include:

  • Listening to our customers with an ear towards solutions
  • Having a bias toward positive action, and deciding to be successful every day
  • Maintaining the passion and enthusiasm for the industry that brought us here
  • Efficient use of resources and the valuable skills of each team member
  • Accountability, positivity, and productivity as core tenets of our work

We are innovators, we are thought-leaders, and we are solution-oriented. It’s just who we are.

These values have driven us to push the boundaries of traditional composites and textiles, resulting in a superior product and seemingly-impossible solutions for our clients. For us, it’s not enough to simply be the best…we want to be unique.

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